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Changing my prayers

on July 24, 2010

I’ve been praying a lot this past week.  And I noticed I was falling into old habits.  Habits that I’ve been trying to break for the past few months.

I heard a prayer that radically changed the way I want to pray.  I don’t know who was doing the praying.  I kind of think it was Beth Moore in a video my Bible study was watching.  And while I’d like to credit her with all things awesomely spiritual, I can’t honestly say it was her.   One very simple sentence caught me off guard.  In paraphrase, it said, “Please let them feel Your presence.”

Just six little words that jerked my eyes wide open and caused me to reconsider many things.

For probably all of my Christian life, one of the repetitive things I’ve asked of the Lord is to “be with them.”  To guide the surgeon’s hands, to save someone.  I had a huge epiphany in those few moments after the prayer.  Guess what?  If I truly believe He is the omnipotent God of the universe, He’s already there.  He’s already working.  He’s already beckoning all of creation to come to Him.

When our life situations take a major turn for the worst and all hope is gone, He’s there offering His comfort and His new mercies every morning.

When we’re weary from fighting the good fight, He’s there renewing our strength.

I have tried to get into a new habit . . . . asking that His ever-presence be felt.

That His grace and mercy be considered by a broken heart.

That the person broken by despair will reach out and take hold of the hope He offers.

Yes, Lord, may we feel Your presence.


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