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Man Hunt

on August 23, 2010

My son is very good looking.  I get it.  And now that his acne is clearing up . . . . um, yeah.  He’s tall, fit, blonde, blue eyed and has cheek bones I could cry over.  Even though I don’t understand his hairstyle, apparently it’s quite swoon-worthy.  So you see, I know this.  I KNOW IT!!  And all the young ladies can just back off.

Skin tight black tank top with red bra straps showing – back off!

Girl bowling next to us in short shorts – back off!

Girl in line at Silverwood nudging her friend to take a gander – back off!

And this is just in the last couple weeks.

Big sigh.  But by far, the most over the top recent run in happened yesterday at Target.  Austin and I were standing in the greeting card section because it was the day of my anniversary and I still hadn’t gotten Tyler a card and I was laughing about these new cards they have.  They play songs and move!  Check ’em out.  Anyway, I’m standing in there and a female teenage employee who is stocking the beauty aisle must’ve caught a glimpse of my son.  She comes over, all smiles and asks us (really, she wasn’t looking at me) if we needed help finding anything.  What?  When was the last time you were looking at greeting cards and an employee asked if you needed help?  I politely said we were fine and she went back across the aisle.

I then asked Austin what it was like to live with his gorgeousness.

I also added, “She’s probably pee her pants if she realized you were only 14.”


5 responses to “Man Hunt

  1. becc says:

    ha ha! 🙂 wish I could borrow him next time i go to Bes

  2. becc says:

    woops…ellie pushed some buttons…next time i go to Best Buy where I can never get anyone to help me! LOL

  3. Visiting from the Hip Homeschool Hop!
    This post made me laugh…I don’t have any brothers but, I had some great guy friends growing up, and I remember how upset their moms used to get when girls started calling their house…giggling…
    I’m with you…the girls need to back off. 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    Stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop! I love your writing style!

  5. Sherry says:

    LOL! So how does it feel to be the mom of a sought after teen boy? 😀

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