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Why I haven’t blogged in a week or so

on August 31, 2010
  1. I’m lazy and tired.
  2. I’ve been SO BUSY.  That’s why #1 is true.
  3. I realized my daughter dreams of marrying Justin Beiber.  Nothing zaps the will to live blog like that.
  4. We went to Family Camp and I had to come home to relax and get rested up.
  5. I have a really, really, really bad – if not stunningly awful – case of PMS.  I’m about .0098 seconds from throttling my kids, my dogs, bunnies, kittens, etc. at all times.
  6. I’m depressed because Austin won’t let me post a video of him jumping off the high dive at Family Camp.  It wasn’t pretty, but it sure was funny.  After he slapped the water with his torso, Tyler said, “He better check and see if his nipples are still attached.”
  7. I’m laughing like a lunatic just thinking about #6.
  8. The fact that I got #6 on video is proof that God loves me.  But not a reason I haven’t been blogging.
  9. His nipples remained in place.
  10. The beagle passes audible gas and I momentarily lose all sense of time and space.
  11. I’m pretty sure I suffer from hypengyophobia.
  12. I’ve been preoccupied with figuring out what to get with my 3 Ulta bonus points.
  13. I got mascara.
  14. We’re starting school next week and there’s like 2 feet deep of left over garage sale crappity crap treasures on the school table.
  15. We could only have another garage sale one weekend this summer.
  16. That weekend it was in the 90’s.
  17. People in the Pacific northwest don’t leave their homes when it’s in the 90’s.
  18. Crappity crap.
  19. Ten years ago I had a 2 year old and 4 year old.  I was probably crying myself to sleep.
  20. #19 has nothing to do with why I haven’t been blogging.
  21. I’ve been quite worried about Paris Hilton.
  22. I’ve also undertaken a new project: Life coach for Lindsay Lohan.  I’m doing great, aren’t I?
  23. The less rehab the better, I always say.
  24. I’ve been wrestling with why my son bought a “The Who” t-shirt.  How does he even know who they are?
  25. See #1.

2 responses to “Why I haven’t blogged in a week or so

  1. Dawn says:

    Your list gave me such a great idea for school. Thank you! 🙂

  2. becc says:

    🙂 love the new word. of course I took the bait. pretty sure I have that phobia as well!

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