The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

And I homeschool, too!

on September 3, 2010

I have a checkered relationship with our mail carrier.  Actually, I think I finally did get my wish and he went bye-bye.  Don’t know where he went and don’t really care.  We haven’t had one piece of misdelivered mail/big package shoved into too small space in about a year.  And I’ve seen neither hide nor hair of the man.  Not that he had much hair.

But anyway.

I checked the mail today during the usual 11:00 time frame.  First thing I see is a letter from our church labeled, “To the parents of Austin ___________.”  And while I have never had one phone call, letter or even conversation about any wrong doings my son has done, I still immediately think, “What has he done now??”   As usual he hadn’t done anything.  I also got a couple of useless catalogs.  Seriously, The Company Store and Land’s End, give our trees a rest.  And don’t sit there and try to look so innocent Coldwater Creek and Eastbay.

But anyway.

I was leaving the house to do errands and checked the mail.  “Funny,” I thought to my brilliant self, “we always get mail.  Even junk mail.  Please don’t tell me that the unmentionable one is back on the mail route!!”

We had a successful errand run in which my son could have potentially realized not once, but twice, that his mother might actually have a brain in her head.  I was feeling all smart and stuff and may have been wearing an air of a bit of superiority at how clever I was.  I knew my son was surely in the car pondering, “Wow, she’s actually got it together.”

Then I stopped to check the mail again.

I, too, see the irony.

We got in the house and I saw the pile of mail on the counter.  At that point I honestly couldn’t remember if it was the mail from today or the mail from yesterday.  I asked my son which day the mail was from and he remembered every detail with stunning clarity.

All this and I homeschool my kids, too.

Let the gravity of the previous sentence sit with you for a moment.  I’ll be trying to figure out what day it is.


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