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All my life II {and giveaway!}

on September 25, 2010

Apparently, thinking a rabbit is on meth is hilarious.

Here’s entry #2 in my hall of shame.  This shame is so bad because at least once a year my dad reminds me, “Hey!  Remember when you used to think . . . . . .?”  Yes, Dad.  How could I ever forget.

When I was a kid back in the late 70’s McDonald’s sold the Arctic Orange milkshake.  Such levels of pleasure this shake provided, I cannot describe.  During that time McDonald’s had a commercial for the milkshake.  It showed Eskimos in fur parkas picking oranges off of trees that were growing in the snow.  The snow was blowing, there were icicles dripping off of the oranges and the Eskimos were smiling so happily.

I’m sure some of you can see where this is going.

I was convinced that this was a true representation of  how McDonald’s got their oranges for the milkshakes.  I honestly thought that there were special trees that grew special roots under the ice and, yes, that oranges could grow in Alaska.  You see, at this time I lived in Idaho.  I had been born in Alaska, but left for 7 years when I was 4.  So if I had ever seen an orange tree growing in Alaska, I didn’t remember it.  I also didn’t exactly remember that there weren’t any miraculous orange trees up there.

As if this mess up in thinking isn’t bad enough, I thought arctic orange trees were possible for a long time.  A disturbingly long time.   In fact, when I finally brought this thought pattern to my parent’s attention, I was in high school.  *sigh*  And even worse?   We had been back in Alaska for 4 or 5 years.  And although I’d never seen the elusive arctic orange tree, I still thought they existed.

{That last bit was a little hard to type.}

One night my family and I were reminiscing and I said, “Remember that McDonald’s arctic orange milkshake commercial?  Where do they grow those things anyway?”

My mouth has never been my best friend.

My parent’s and brother’s explosive laughter was enough for me to know I had been duped.  Duped by my own mind.  Still I was incredulous (read: dumb).  “You mean they don’t exist?  But they must . . . somewhere?”  My dad asked me how I thought they could grow.  I told him my theory about the special roots.

At that point the laughter just got louder . . . . the snorts, the coughs, the tears.  All tattooed on my brain for eternity.

I have searched high and low, as well as my hubby, and we canNOT find a clip of the commercial anywhere. If anyone can find the commercial on the web and send it to me, you get a $5 McDonald’s gift card.  That should cover the cost of an order of fries, right?


2 responses to “All my life II {and giveaway!}

  1. Michelle A says:

    You know those Scrubbing Bubbles commercials? I always wanted to get that product as a kid because I thought that they were real and would come out and scrub the bath tub for me!!

  2. Tracy says:

    Can’t find a video either but perhaps you can re-taste your childhood memories by trying this:

    But your vision of arctic orange trees may not be too far off from existence:

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