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While you were out . . . .

on October 5, 2010

A few days back, Tyler was at work and Austin and I were gone.  Amber was home alone and she snapped these pictures for me.  Without further adieu, I present my idiot beagle . . . . . .

Hey, Amber!!  You and I are just going to pretend like this is everyday, normal behavior, capiche?  I like to lay on the school table, therefore I will lay on the school table.

Oh?  You want me to get off?  Well ha ha ha hee hee hee ha ha ha!  I never listen to you.  You’re even less threatening that than waste of breath chihuahua.

What?  Why, yes, I have lost some weight.  No!  I’m not sucking it in.  I’ve been working very hard on my figure.

Alright, so you caught me.  Maybe I was sucking in just a little bit.

Please don’t tell Mom I was up here.  Please!!  I’m already on thin ice after the whole “undigging a stuffed animal from the backyard and chewing on it on her bed” bad idea.  And PLEASE don’t tell the chihuahua you caught me sucking it in.

Fine, I’ll get down.  But that’s only because I hear the garage door opening and I know Mom’s home.  She will flip her lid if she ever finds out I was on here.  I can trust you to keep a secret, right?

Hi Mom!  Here I am.  On the back of the couch . . . . a place you can somewhat stand me being.   And I was here the whole time you were gone.


3 responses to “While you were out . . . .

  1. Sharlene says:

    You are hysterical!!

  2. Dawn says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. That is SO funny. And SO beagle! I just love reading your beagle stories. Thank you for sharing!!!! 🙂

  3. Patrice says:

    Very funny! Most folks I know, myself included, suck it in when there’s a camera around!

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