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How to scare your mother to death

on October 10, 2010

This is how my son did it this afternoon:

1.  Have your mom buy you face paint at Partycity.

2. Go upstairs, with your mother, have her give you some of her makeup brushes.

3. Tell your mom you’re going to practice what you want to paint on your face for Halloween.

4. (This is the MOST important part of the plan) Make sure your mom goes downstairs, gets busy with laundry, dinner, watching a movie with your sister, and forgets about what you’re doing.

5. It also helps if your mom so completely forgets what you’re doing that she yells up, “We’re watching a movie if you want to come down!”

6. It really helps if your mom starts to wonder, “What is he doing up there?  Is he on his phone?”

7. Come downstairs looking like this:





8. The result?  Your mother will scream and have PG-13 language escape from her mouth.

9. You will laugh about this for the remainder of the evening.  And probably the remainder of your life.


2 responses to “How to scare your mother to death

  1. Caroline says:

    My dear friend, I would have wet myself and screamed and then probably screamed again an hour later!

  2. Dawn says:

    First of all – HILARIOUS!!!! That just cracks me up! Secondly – he kind of reminds me (please don’t tell him I said this) of Johnny from the original Karate Kid…when he dressed up for the Halloween dance. I’m sure he’s going for much scarier than that…and he DOES look scary, but with his hair…he just reminded me of that! 🙂

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