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I got a camel!!

on November 2, 2010

Austin went out trick or treating with a few of his friends Sunday night.  After the obligatory “you better not TP anyone’s house or get into any trouble” from his mother, he set out happily on his way – looking like this:

He did it all himself . . . . with ideas that came from him.  He’s amazing.  Yep, those are yellow contacts.

The next day as he was going through his loot, he saw a package of animal crackers.  He wasn’t that impressed with them, but when he opened the package he gasped.  “Mom!  These are the same animal crackers I used to get as a snack in church when I was little and we lived in Alaska.”  I did the appropriate, “awww,” and moved on.

A few moments later Austin said, “I got a camel!”  I asked him what he was talking about.  He said he and his little buddies used to hope they got a camel when they were passed out their animal crackers.  Apparently, if you got a camel, you were considered lucky.  And lucky was a very good thing to be if you were a kindergartner.   He added, “I don’t know why we thought it was lucky, but we were obsessed with getting a camel.”

At dinner we were relaying the story to Tyler, Austin added, “One time one of my friends got two camels and I was so jealous.”

Such sweet memories for Austin and new revelations for Mom.  Here’s a picture of some of those little boys:

Austin is the blond one . . . All these boys are now 15 and none of them live in Alaska!  They’re scattered all over the country (TX, WA, SC, ID)  and one spent years on the missionary field in Kyrgyzstan with his parents before returning to the states.  But we’re all still connected on Facebook.

I hope they all get a camel today.


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