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Making dinner nearly killed me last night

on January 14, 2011

Yeah, it’s all my own fault, too.  Or maybe not.  In the Pot Roast post I mentioned that I have trouble processing/digesting some preservatives.  Which means I make a lot of things from scratch.  One of them being condensed cream of ________ soups for casseroles.  I love the ease of casseroles!  And they’re generally healthy until you see that it calls for one or two cans of condensed cream of _______ soup.  I didn’t make any sort of casserole for years until I stumbled upon this recipe on  That’s right!! You can make your own can of cream of ________ soup.  You can use Promise Light and skim milk to cut down on the unwanted fat.

Last night’s recipe, Baked Chicken Spaghetti, called for a one can each of cream of mushroom and cream of chicken.  So that took a bit longer than I’m used to since I had to make two.  But look at how beautiful they are!!

I kind of go a little crazy with the poultry seasoning for the cream of chicken soup.  Use Litehouse Freeze-Dried Poultry Herb Blend. Yes, it’s spendy, but I don’t use a lot of it everyday.  It’s much more mellow than traditional poultry seasoning so I add quite a bit.  The other secret to making this recipe great is making sure your butter/spread is good and golden brown before you add all the liquids.  When the flour and butter get nice and browned, it changes the whole flavor of the soup.

So, on top of the soups, I had to boil the noodles and grill the chicken in order to cut it up.  It took me 1.5 hours to get this meal prepared . . . .and that’s before it went in the oven.  It was delicious, but so are about 50 other things that take a fraction of the time this does.  And taste just as good.

On to Dickens.  To say he lived in a different time than we did is an understatement.  He takes a very, very, vvveeeerrryyy long time to describe things.  So yesterday, I was sitting in the Aveda Institute while Austin got his hair cut, waiting for my eyebrows to get waxed and reading.  I had forgotten how stuffy that place gets.  It is HUGE and they have tons of students.  And obviously not a super good ventilation system.  I had the brilliant plan of wearing a sweatshirt because the weather was a bit on the soggy side.  I think I nearly got heat exhaustion and I couldn’t take the stupid sweatshirt off.  Why?  Because I had on the most ridiculous/hideous/not-fit-for-public-viewing t-shirt underneath it.  I didn’t need all those young, ultra hip kids to see my faded grey Disneyland shirt that proudly proclaims the year 2006.  Back when most of them were still freshmen in high school.

Since I was so toasty, I nearly fell asleep reading page after page of descriptions of the French countryside.  Or maybe it was England.  I don’t know.  It’s all a bit fuzzy at the moment.  I do know that when I pick it up again I’m probably going to have to go back a few pages and refresh myself as to which continent the story is taking place on at the moment.

Everyone ate leftovers tonight and we’re getting ready to take Amber to basketball so I don’t have a food review for tomorrow.  What I will blog about is my lovely issue with preservatives and the one thing that helps me overcome it.  I mean the one thing instead of making things from scratch until I think my feet are going to start screaming, “Just once, lady, just once could you pick up something pre-made?”

I bet you’re on the edge of your seats.  Well, those of you over 50 are.


3 responses to “Making dinner nearly killed me last night

  1. Bev says:

    =) I have the same issue with Dickens. When I blogged about A Tale of Two Cities, I said it had “less of the obsession with detail I’ve found in other works of his” – which says how bad his other stuff is! I did enjoy the book more than I expected. I’m glad you survived making dinner.

  2. becc says:

    I am 🙂 (on the edge) so…do you have trouble getting the pans clean after making the cream soups? I guess I ALWAYS try to cook it too fast I burn it to the bottom of the pan…takes forever and an age to clean…I was trying to avoid certain ingredients & found a recipe for cream soup but the clean up just STINKS!!!
    (glad you survived, btw)

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