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on January 26, 2011

I was getting really excited about my blogging juices flowing again.  I had tons of ideas, funny stories and general useless information to share with all of you.  Then the unthinkable happened.  On January 18, late in the evening, one of my husband’s best friends killed himself.  I tried to come on here once, but I just stared at a blank screen waiting to be written on.

I don’t really even know what the point of me being on here today is other than to just proclaim how even during the worst of times in my life, I can see the redeeming hand of God.  I am a firm believer that God never just lets us “hang out to dry.”  There is always a way to find help, help offered, but never forced upon us.  The help may not be the help you think you need, but it’s there.

Two weeks or so before the suicide, my husband had coffee with his friend and tried to reach out to him.  Tyler knew something wasn’t right.  His friend did not want to be reached.  And as sad as that is, I rejoice in the fact that God took the time to offer the help, in the form of my husband.

Secondly, our friend was a believer in Christ.  Please don’t make the mistake of saying that Christians don’t kill themselves.  Or that you can’t be a Christian and do that sort of thing.  We are all susceptible to feelings of hopelessness.   Yesterday at the funeral service, the pastor gave the same message he did on the day our friend accepted Christ and was baptized.  He remembered the sermon from that day.  As we all bowed our heads and the pastor led the “sinner’s prayer,” I nearly jumped out of my seat in joy.  My insides were screaming, “This is a miracle, Lord, a miracle that only You could have done.”

Our friend was a police officer with my husband and had been with the department over 10 years.  There were so many cops there.  It was nothing short of a miracle that the gospel was preached to so many.  The department my husband works for is kind of an open wound at the moment.  Since July, this is the third officer they’ve buried.  Morale is at an all time low due to administration issues (that is putting it very mildly and vaguely . . . ).  But the ray a hope was freely offered by the pastor yesterday.

So while Tyler and I will grieve for a time for our friend and miss him until we are reunited in heaven, we will look for and thank God for the hope he freely gave us.  And the hope he freely offers anyone out there who would believe on Him.  Want to know what I believe and how you, too, can share my hope?  Click here.

I’ll close by posting a picture of our friend on the day he was baptized.  I can’t wait to see him again.


One response to “Quiet

  1. Debbie says:

    I read this when you posted it, but was so sad I couldn’t comment… Your attitudes about your friend and his death are remarkable – and although there will be grief, the joy of knowing God and knowing we will see our friends & loved ones again is sweet… Thank you for sharing this.

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