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Hit the road, Dickens

I know I boldly proclaimed earlier this year that I was going to read more classic literature.  My first foray was Charles Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities.”  According to my Kindle, I’m 62% through the book.  And I just archived it a few minutes ago.  I cannot take one. more. second of it.  I do not like reading a book I barely understand and then having to go to to have what I just read explained to me.  URGH!!

It also didn’t help that I pre-ordered Ree Drummond’s “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” and it showed up like a breath of fresh air yesterday morning.  I finished it about an hour ago.  Now THAT’S a book!!  The romance!  The cows!  The Wrangler jeans!  The flop sweating!  It’s the story of  meeting her husband, falling in love, and the first year of their marriage.  It’s as wonderful as Dickens is infuriating.

I think I’m going to attempt “Jane Eyre” next.  It has been made into another movie that will be released in March.  I have this strange disorder that forces me to read the book before I see the movie.  That is why I refuse to see “The Curious Tale of Benjamin Button.”  Fitzgerald’s short story was so beautiful and touching . . . . . . and from what I’ve read and heard, the movie takes a few too many liberties.  If you haven’t read the story, I suggest you do soon.

And while we’re talking about movies, the hubs and I saw “The King’s Speech” last night.  It’s simply the best movie I have seen in years and years and years!!  I have even more of a movie crush on Colin Firth than I did before last night (if that’s possible).  Brilliantly written and acted.  I’m not an expert on English royal history, but from what I could remember, this film seemed to be quite historically accurate.  And it was good.  So very, very good.

And now I want to vacation in England.   Just like I wanted to visit China after reading a few too many Pearl Buck novels (seriously, read “Peony.”  Your heart will ache – in a good way). . . .  Africa after reading “The Poisonwood Bible” . . . . Russia after reading “Anna Karenina.”

I’m simple like that.

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