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Dusting off the ol’ blog

on June 2, 2011

Here we are.  That long-awaited day . . . the last day of school.  Summer is nothing more than a wide open three months on my calendar.

Who am I kidding?  Austin is in driver’s ed and church leadership for the summer.  Amber has a very busy social life.  Things don’t start to simmer down until mid-August, with July being an all out craze-fest.  But it’s a good kind of busy.  It would really suck if I was busy because my kids were doing community service.  I know the difference.

What in the world has been going on the past few months other than our Highlander sucking the life blood out of our bank account?

  • Marriages around me are dropping like flies.
  •  I was awarded the “Beautiful Mother” award on Facebook.  You may call it just a post on my wall, but . . . .  it’s a major award!  I won it! (3,000 bonus points if you can tell me what movie that quote is from.)
  • Found a bunch of  “Little House Family Friendly Moments” on YouTube.
  • Officially sworn off teaching classes that are aimed primarily at boys for Friday school (thanks for the nightmares, Math & Logic Games Spring 2010 class).
  • Got chewed up one side and down the other by a woman at church who obviously missed how cute and cuddly I am.
  • Caved in and bought a Miche purse.  And three covers.  And two sets of handles.
  • Basically called a bad Christian because I was glad OBL got his just desserts.
  • Tried to resist the royal wedding insanity but watched the whole thing.  Twice.
  • I’m still alive to tell about my son playing 9 months of soccer.
  • Got highlights for the first time in over a decade.  Me likey.
  • Austin got his permit.  He has driven on major roads and no one has died.  Score!
  • Found out I have a half-sister no one told me about.  Oh, wait.  That was Oprah.
  • Bought a bigger tent so I could voluntarily, yes, voluntarily go camping again.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  Can’t wait to get back to blogging again.  I really have missed it and all of you guys.  Well, I haven’t missed you that much because let’s face it – we’re all also friends on Facebook!!


2 responses to “Dusting off the ol’ blog

  1. Polarbelle says:

    Welcome back and yay for survival!! I’m a worse Christian than you cuz I want proof OBL got what he deserved. I ain’t taking obama’s word for it.

  2. Those LHOP videos are HILARIOUS!

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