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YFMWNOEWL is back!!

on June 22, 2011

That’s right, folks.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve had a “You Found Me When No One Else Was Lookin'” post.  If you’re new, YFMWNOEWL is about the things people Google and somehow, my blog pops up as their result and they find their way to me.  Here we go . . . .

Beagles.  It’s amazing the things people Google about beagles.  Here are a few:

Feeding amount for fat beagle – It’s on the package, trust me on this one.

Can a beagle survive in Alaska – Um, yes.  If my chihuahua can do it, so can your beagle.

Beagle háttér – What?

The misadventures of a beagle – aka: The story of Cheri’s life.

Beagle ocd barking – Is that why they bark?  I thought it was because they were idiots.

Genius beagle – Trust me, there are as many genius beagles as there are unicorns.

How can I get my beagle to stop howling at people – You came to me for this?  Bwahahahahahaha!

I can’t stand my beagle – Been there, done that.  Will be back.

Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me?

Now on to the more general topics:

Why is this so bittersweet? – Maybe because you steeped your tea too long and put too much sugar in it?

Freedom is so bitter sweet – More goth traffic on my site.

Sausagefest, richland, wa – Yeah.  THAT makes perfect sense as to why my blog would pop up.

Can’t get enough cheese think it’s an allergy – Perhaps you and uncle buck big mouse cheese should get together.

Kids lick – I had three separate entries for this.  WHAT?

How many calories do you burn per hour pressure washing the driveway – Someone must be desperate to get their Weight Watchers exercise points.  From personal experience, I think you burn about 8 calories.  You literally stand there and move your arm back and forth.  Not exactly aerobics.

Why would I want straight hair – I have no clue; I love my curly hair.  My personal opinion is embrace whatever God gave you.

What is cheri (my last name here) – Okay, that’s freaky.  WHAT am I?  Am I not flesh and blood?  Prick me and do I not bleed?

How to mess up a pot roast – Leave it in the crockpot for 20 hours??  I don’t know.  I am capable of  messing up a lot of stuff, but pot roast isn’t one of them.

Toddler ear piercing screech – Those are fun, aren’t they?  After experiencing a few of those, I realized why people drink. – I’m telling you, it could be a real site.  There’s at least one other person out there who agrees with me.  In fact, one lady blogged about her experience at Winco.  She ended her post with,”Sometimes I think we worry too much about illegal aliens and not enough about space aliens.”  The whole Winco experience in a nutshell!

As most of you know, I took a huge blogging break.  It was so worth it.  I’m enjoying the moments I have with my family very much.  Anyway, during the break, one particular blog got a lot of traffic almost every single day.  And it’s a blog about my mom and our love of Tupperware.  Moms and Tupperware . . . . they last forever!





One response to “YFMWNOEWL is back!!

  1. I’m sure that “What is cheri (my last name here)” is someone you know trying to find your blog and can’t remember what it’s called. They remembered how it started, and they knew your name =)

    I have a post about Eat Pray Love that always gets hits because I used the words ‘nookie’ and ‘pasta’.

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