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The cost of our freedom

on July 4, 2011

This 4th of July finds me a bit more somber than usual.  The weather is perfect (finally), all is well with my family and life has no major bumps or bruises at the moment.  Still . . . .

Recently, my husband’s cousin has moved back to the state and was sweet enough to bring her husband and three children with her.  Her husband, MG, is a member of our military and is deploying in the near future.  Yesterday we were blessed to be able to spend the entire day with this precious family before he ships out.   The day was wonderful from start to beginning . . all the children were delightful.  {Even though my son texted me a picture of my butt while I was in their kitchen to tell me to untuck my shirt, I chose to overlook that in the spirit of awesome family unity.}

And despite all this wonderment, in the back of my mind I heard the faint, “You’re eventually going to have to leave and tell MG goodbye.  A serious goodbye.  Not a ‘hey-catch-you-later’ goodbye.”  And that is when I realized how much our freedom costs.

No matter your political persuasion or your view on the war we’re fighting, the fact of the matter is that men and women are being deployed to be put in harm’s way for our freedom.  And it costs.  “To whom much is given, much is required,” played through my mind for the majority of the day.  Our country has been given a lot and a lot is required.  And at times it stinks.  Like now.

So for everyone bravely serving our country, our states and our cities may God grant you protection of your body and mind.  And for those families of the ones who gave it all . . . I thank you and pray for your comfort.



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