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Make 5 Dinners in One Hour

on July 9, 2011

I’ve blogged in the past about my experience with  It’s a 7 day menu planner and shopping list.  It’s wonderful and I used it for over a year.  One day a friend of mine posted a site on Facebook called “Make 5 Dinners in ONE Hour.”  It was too intriguing to pass up.

Like most of the menu planner sites, they offer a free week trial menu.  So with very high hopes, I sent off for the trial.  The idea of 5 Dinners is that you spend an hour one day putting together five dinners.  They keep in the refrigerator (many of the selections can be frozen as well) and you just pull them out and prepare them for dinner.

After just over a month, here are my observations:

  1. After one trial week, I was completely sold.  I always seem to have a day or two in a week that something unexpected comes up and completely zaps my will to make dinner.  I always have dinner ready to go.
  2. I don’t think I’ve ever made all five meals in just an hour.  At many points I decide I need to check my e-mail, Facebook, the blogs I read, pet the dogs, have an iced tea . . . you get the point.  But the overall process isn’t exhausting.  I did “Once A Month Cooking” years ago and that flat wore me out.  No such problems here.
  3. The meals are great.  She only offers one menu, unlike many of the other sites.  So far I’ve been able to do substitutes like Egg Beaters, margarine instead of butter, leaner cuts of meat, etc.  And all of the meals are healthy – not a lot of processed food ingredients.
  4. Her website is full of extra goodies.  She’ll post meals from the archives, helpful hints, cute lunch ideas, etc.  I love her website.  She also has a Summer Lunch Menu you can purchase.  That would have helped a lot when the kids were smaller.  Now they’re responsible for making their own lunch.
  5. The menu plan, as stated, is only for 5 meals a week and not 7.  I was worried about that at first but it hasn’t been a problem.  Many of the meals provide wonderful leftovers.  For instance, I grilled a bunch of chicken last night and we didn’t finish it all.  I’ll use the chicken later this week for a chicken salad.  I’ve never had to go to the store more than once a week,
  6. The menu ingredients aren’t expensive, strange or hard to find.  I would say most of the meals fall well within the norm of American family meals.
  7. The menu plan costs $15.00 for three months.  This is a pretty average price for monthly meal planners.

So as you can see, I love Make 5 Dinners in ONE Hour!  I can foresee myself doing this for a long, long time!!


*I posted this out of my own free will.  I wasn’t compensated and Michelle, the owner/menu creator, has no idea who I am.  I just love to pass on the great things I find!*


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