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I’m a cotton headed ninnymuggins!

on August 3, 2011

30 Days About MeDay 2: Favorite Movie

This is hard, hard, hard!!  I like a lot of movies for a lot of different reasons.  So I’ll have to settle on the top four and add in what I hope will turn it into a top five.  And now, in no particular order:

A Beautiful Mind

I think this is actually an important movie.  I was profoundly and forever changed after watching this.  I will never, ever look at “crazy” people the same.  Nor will I judge what I perceive as crazy harshly again.  I honestly believe this should be required of all mankind to watch.

Amazing Grace

I love this movie because it shows how one person can change history.  It also showed me that Great Britain had its act together about slavery LONG before this country every caught on.  It also introduced me to the actor Benedict Cumberbatch who now stars as Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series “Sherlock.”  It’s a modern twist on the classic Sherlock Holmes mysteries.  It’s also streaming on Netflix.  Check it out, I love it!  And a shout out to the super awesome Kendra for recommending the show to me.

Taking Chance

Another true story – see a trend here?  Anyway, this movie produced by HBO is outstanding.  And something I think every American should watch.  I can’t even put the movie into words.  It shows the enormous price paid by the brave men and women of our military who give it all.  It shows the deep respect that is paid to these fallen heroes.  Moving isn’t close to the right word to describe this movie.

And now for a shot of hilarity . . . .


Of course we own this.  I take it out around Thanksgiving and watch it many, many times . . . . mostly alone.  Everyone else in this house has grown tired of it after the first or second viewing.  Not me.

And what will hopefully turn my top four into a top five:

The Help

I cannot remember a time I was more excited for a movie to come out.  I just finished this amazing book yesterday.  The movie comes out one week from today and  I will probably be at the first showing.  The book gripped me from the very start and never let me go.  It fascinated me for two reasons.  The young, white women in the novel would have been contemporaries of my father.  He grew up in North Carolina and although not wealthy enough to afford hired help, I have heard many stories of his childhood and the segregation that was his reality.

Secondly, I had no idea so many of the civil rights events happened in Jackson, Mississippi.  While the book is fiction, I think it teeters on historical fiction.

And there should be a thirdly . . . for one woman, author Kathryn Stockett, to so profoundly write three different women in one book???  Nothing short of amazing.  I simply can’t wait!


7 responses to “I’m a cotton headed ninnymuggins!

  1. ok, so I have never seen the Kevin Bacon movie or Amazing Grace. I now want to watch both…and yes, A Beautiful Mind is a great movie!

  2. annagain says:

    I can’t believe I haven’t heard of Amazing Grace. Can’t wait to watch it!

  3. A beautiful Mind was an EXCELLENT movie. I still need to see Amazing Grace and my kids LOVE ELF. 🙂

    We’ve posted our choices here:

  4. Becca says:

    Oh no, out of all of those I have only seen Elf. And that movie is cute but I feel silly that it is the only one from your list I have seen!

  5. Carissa says:

    Wow what a great list! Cannot wait to see the help either!

  6. Toni Patton says:

    Oh I want to see The Help too, it looks amazing! A Beautiful Mind was wonderful!

  7. Kimberly says:

    I’ve only seen The Elf on your list, but I am anxiously looking forward to The Help.

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