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Dream a little dream home

on August 16, 2011

30 Days About MeDay 16:  Describe your dream home or show us a picture

The stage I am in life, I look at things a little differently.  I see children leaving home.  I see my husband retiring.  I see me getting older.  Believe it or not, the hubs and I talk about what we want in a house once we get to retirement age.

One thing we totally agree on: SINGLE STORY! Why is it every time you forget something it’s always upstairs?  Always!  And why in the world is the laundry room on the bottom floor and all the bedrooms are on the top floor?  Plus, given my history with stairs, I’d probably break all my hips.  More than once.

We also agree on downsizing.  I do NOT want to take care of a ginormous house in my golden years.  And the 1/3 acre we live on has pretty much burned Tyler out on yard work.  I’m hoping our final home will have a yard.  I’m thinking at that point, we can pay someone to take care of it (shhhh . . . don’t tell him I said that).  But the grandkids gotta play somewhere, right?   And since I’ve told the kids I want tons of grandkids, I’d better be prepared.

Here’s a good approximation of what I think would be just grand:

And I even have floor plans.  Yes, the plans call for stairs to a basement.  This will NOT be happening!  Nor will there be an upstairs bonus room.  I’ll just spend a fortune and get the plans changed.  See how easy that is?

Ahhhh.  I can almost smell the new paint and carpet right now.


2 responses to “Dream a little dream home

  1. Mel says:

    “Why is it every time you forget something it’s always upstairs? Always!”

    I know exactly what you mean. I complain about this at least twice a day, even though retirement age isn’t so much as a glimmer on the horizon at this point. But even now, I couldn’t cope with a big house, much less one of those Bill Gates-esque mansions. Apart from the fact that I’d start feeling like my own breathing was echoing, I don’t want to have to dust more than is absolutely necessary.

    Not that I’m in danger of that, as the house valuation on even a slightly larger than average house would make my bank account cower in fear. Or laugh hysterically.

  2. Rondi says:

    Cheri, I’m not kidding… I have this exact house plan printed out (for if we ever build again…) in my desk! I think though that it might have 3 bedrooms on the left side… Other than that, the total same. CRAZY! I love the covered porch in front and back. Christmas tree in the corner by the kitchen… Yep. I’ve thought about it.

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