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Happy Anniversary!

on August 22, 2011

Nineteen years ago today I walked down the aisle of a very large church, on my dad’s arm and thought, “Wow, this really is it.”  Then I said “hi” to my pastor’s wife.  Umm, okay?  Here are a few things I remember from that day:

  • When I got my hair and makeup done, my stylist told me I was the calmest bride she had ever seen.  She was in her late 40’s and owned the nicest salon in Anchorage at the time, Chez Ritz.  I figured she had seen her share of brides but I didn’t know what to make of her comment.
  • I remember one girl being in the room the bride and bridesmaids got dressed in.  I barely knew her and she was stressing me the heck out.  I told one of my bridesmaids to please get her to leave and she did.  I’ll always be thankful, Hannah!
  • I’m sure you can’t tell from the picture, but my dress was big and poofy.  I had a strange lace thing in the back that went over the bottom of the zipper.  It wouldn’t stay up, so the same bridesmaid from above got her mother to dash over with a sewing kit.  I was literally sewn into my dress.  Thankfully Tyler had a little penknife and he cut me out later that evening.
  • It was time to walk down the aisle and two of my bridesmaids were missing.  There was a bathroom in the back hall and I figured they were in there.  I whipped the door open and there, on the single toilet, was one of the missing bridesmaids.  I will never, ever forget her mouth gaping open and I told them it was showtime.  And I will never speak her name in conjunction with this story.

Despite all the silliness before the ceremony, the actual shindig went off without a hitch.  Absolutely perfect.  It was grand.

But the grandest of all was marrying the love of my life.  Nineteen years later I’m still crazy about him.  We’re not the kids we were back then and thank the good Lord above for that.  We’ve been through some crazy horrible losses.  We’ve been through some crazy amazing blessings.  We have two teenagers and are still able to form coherent sentences.  We manage to have date night about three times a month.  We can go camping and still speak to each other by the time we get home.

It’s been quite a ride, but he’s still the one I choose.  Every. Single. Time.


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