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Not exactly classy . . . .

on September 3, 2011

. . . but it works.  Earlier today, my sweet friend Rachelle, posted a blog about a recent DIY project she did.  And like everything she does, from taking pictures to her kids, it was adorable and wonderful.

But I’ve been rocking the white trash version of an organized cabinet door cork board for YEARS!!  I present to you my DIY “Scotch Tape, Scraps of Stained Paper” collage:

Let’s take a more detailed look, shall we?

1.  The recipe for Tyler’s version of Thai iced tea (way too much sugar for me) and my version (long live Truvia).  The crookedly torn piece of paper is about twice as long and says, “AUSTIN” at the top.

2.  The back of the bag of dog food the beagle eats.  So I never have to guess and she never has to get fat again.

3.  My son’s doing . . . . it’s the recipe for chocolate cake in a cup.  Notice there are only numbers and no tsp. or tbs. or anything else.  Amber has made this several times and it almost always ends up being uneatable.  I wonder if it has anything to do with no tsp. or tbs. being written down?

4.  A note Tyler left me.  I think this dates back to Eagle River, Alaska and I brought it with us when we moved.  I’m sentimental, what can I say.

5.  The back of the bag of dog food the chihuahua eats.  Why I have it up there, I don’t know.  Maybe I didn’t want the beagle to be embarrassed about her lack of self-control.  The chihuahua has never had a weight problem.

5.  A recipe for iced coffee.  However, the recipe isn’t really right so I have to remember not to dilute it so much with the 1 c. of water.

And I wonder why my son doesn’t write down clear, concise directions.


3 responses to “Not exactly classy . . . .

  1. rachesak says:

    SEE?? Where has this idea been all my life? I love you so hard. And not just because you make me laugh. Also because you have curly hair.

  2. I don’t have a cupboard like this, but I do have a side of a fridge like this, yet even more cluttered. The front of the fridge is just as cluttered, and I’m not even sure what with. Suppose I should organize it a bit more so it can look more like your inside cupboard door 🙂

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