The Misadventures of Cheri

Mortifying my kids one swimsuit at a time

Apparently my daughter

on September 9, 2011

. . . doesn’t look like this anymore:
















Or this:










Or this:










Or even this:











I mean, that’s what I see when I look at her.  A properly respectable and adorable 5-year-old.  And maybe on a rare occasion, an 8-year-old.

Apparently my daughter does not look like that anymore at 13 years of age.

Apparently what my daughter does look like is what a modeling scout at the Taylor Swift concert thinks would make a great model.

Wait.  What?

On Tuesday, Amber and I went to a Taylor Swift concert with two of our friends.  (On a side note, if you ever get the chance to see Taylor Swift live, DO. IT.  Even if you only like her because she has good hair.  The concert was amazing.  That girl works her tail off and deserves every accolade she gets.  Anyway . . . . )  Just before we went in to find our seats, a scout from a local modeling agency approached Amber and her mother (at this point I have to call myself “her mother” because I was having an out of body experience and was viewing the whole thing from a few feet back.  Who approaches a five-year old anyway???)  I got the shpeel and there’s an open casting, and well she’s a little young but you never know, and, and, and.  I told the others to go into the concert and I stayed and talked to the scout for a while.

After she was done I vowed to talk to my friend, Val, whose daughter, Summer, is a model in this area.  The scout turned out to be the same one that scouted Summer a few years ago. Summer signed with that agency and things have gone well for her.   To make a long story short, both Val and Summer think Amber is too young (hello??  Five is too young!) to start in such a brutal industry.  And when I finally sat down and talked to Amber about it, she said it didn’t sound like any fun.  I told her we could revisit it in a year or longer and maybe it would interest her then.

Of course I think my daughter is beautiful . . . all moms do.  But as she’s grown (she’s 5’6″ now) and matured (long legs, long arms, super skinny), I have thought in the back of my mind she could pull off modeling. I prayed about it and vowed to keep my mouth closed.  If it was something that was meant to be, either Amber would have to bring it up or we’d have to be approached out of the blue.  Which we were.  Which might also have to do with the out of body experience I was, well, experiencing.   But Amber is not interested at this point.  Whew!

Oh.  Apparently my daughter does look like this:











2 responses to “Apparently my daughter

  1. Caroline says:

    Yes, she is model material. Pray about it and I would encourage you to check it out. By the way, I have deactivated my facebook account for a bit…please keep in touch. I plan to blog more now that I am not on facebook all day! Love you.

  2. Caroline says:

    P.S. Your son is model material too…just saying! Caroline

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