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30DOT {Day 10 & 11}

on November 11, 2011

On day 10, I was thankful for being able to lay on the couch and recuperate from a crazy day, which led to an everything falling apart evening, which led to a headache which led to me laying on the couch all night.  It was nice.

On Day 11 I’m thankful for a recipe I found today.  I have my mom’s recipe box and I hadn’t seriously gone through it.  For whatever reason, I decided to go through every recipe in there today.  As I was sorting through her cookie section, I found it.  I nearly dropped the whole pile on the floor.  I gasped so loudly that I think we lost air pressure in the house.  Staring me right in the face was a yellowed 3 x 5 card in my puffy 12 year old hand writing.  It read, “Corn Flake Cookies,  Lucy Gunter.”

For over 20 years I’ve thought about those cookies and my aunt.  She made them for us all the time.  They were crispy and soft all at the  same time.  Once when I got my braces adjusted, she made a batch.  I wanted them sooooooooooo badly, but my teeth were killing me.  I’ve told that story so many time.

I had no idea how to even look up a recipe for the cookies once the internet came along.  I couldn’t remember what made them so wonderful.  As soon as I saw Corn Flakes, I remembered.  The memories came back in about .009 seconds.  How in the world had I forgotten the cereal?

Less than two hours later, the first batch was in the oven.  The batter didn’t seem right.  It was so stiff and I remembered them being thin and crunch.  Things were not looking good.  I hoped for the best, sighed and thought I’d never really have those cookies again.

But I was wrong.

As they cooked, they started looking exactly like Aunt Lucy’s.  Could I dare hope they would taste the same?  Well, they did.  They’re a dead ringer for hers.  There might have been some tears and choking up after the first bite.

I am so thankful for that recipe.  It reminded me of the sweet days of growing up and how thankful I am for my childhood and all the people who loved me and still do.


3 responses to “30DOT {Day 10 & 11}

  1. Sarah Hasse says:

    Love this post!!! Send that recipe to me! …. and thanks for making me tear up at 8:30 in the morning! 🙂

  2. Caroline says:

    Cheri, what a beautiful post about the cookies. I can visualize your face as you came across the card in your handwriting from years ago. How your mother had the recipe in that box all those years touches me deeply too. Thank you for sharing your heart this a.m. I love you and treasure you! Will you share the recipe?

  3. Ok, it’s so not fair to talk about this fabulous recipe from childhood and then not share it with the rest of us! =)

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