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Grocery bag camera flash diffuser

on January 18, 2012

I love Pinterest.  Seriously, seriously love it.  I was perusing the site one day for hours on end and saw a quick pin of a camera with a grocery sack over the flash thus diffusing the light.  I saw it then I forgot about it.

I wanted a new profile picture for Facebook.  I *thought* I would get some cute, artsy pictures if I stood under my porch lights.  They cast a funky shadow.  However, the end result was horrifying.  Those got deleted so fast I think I scared my camera.  The problem was the porch light I was standing under was so bright that you could see my scalp – and I do NOT have thin hair.  Down right harrowing.

Shell shocked, I came back in the house and remembered the diffuser trick.  I grabbed the first grocery bag I saw and did this:

Literally that’s all I did.  I just plopped the bag on the camera and clicked away.

Here is what I looked like without the diffuser.  Both of the following pictures are straight out of the camera (sooc) – no editing at all.

Yes, I look dorky, but at least you can’t see my scalp!  My eyes were closed because by this time I was going blind from the flash.  I also didn’t want to fiddle with the settings to get a good picture without the flash.  I’m lazy like that.

Here is the same-ish shot, same lighting, same everything, sooc, with the grocery sack diffuser.

I love the overall effect.  Makes my fluorescent mayonnaise winter skin look not so, well, fluorescent mayonnaise.  It helps even out skin tone, smooths those little lines and helps get rid of less than flawless skin.  You can get the effect of Photoshop without Photoshop.

Next up is trying the diffuser with a white grocery bag.  The possibilities are endless!!


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