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Where Credit is Due

In my post from a couple of days ago I mentioned coming from a long line of southern women cooks.  What – more accurately whom – I forgot to mention was my father.  Growing up, he was an amazing cook.  He is definitely where I saw the love of cooking before my eyes.  It wasn’t a chore for him (with the exception of Thanksgiving – but can anyone blame him?) and he showed me how enjoyable it is.

That man could marinate and grill a steak that would bring tears to your eyes.  Always rare (for me and him), always tender, always delicious.  Don’t even get me started on his bbq ribs, the salmon he smoked, and his “secret recipe” chicken.  I was the one that thought it was a secret recipe.  Then as an adult, I saw it on the back of a salad dressing bottle.

He has done the cooking for small wedding receptions and a very large funeral reception.  His secret?  No recipes.  I don’t recall him ever using a cookbook.  I certainly got my attitude of just going for it in the kitchen from him.

Thanks, Poppy!!!

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“Blanton Girls Can Cook” Super Bowl Menu

Blanton is my maiden name.  And we can cook!!  I come from a long line of southern women who have, and still do, create some of the most delicious epicurean delights on the face of the earth.  And from what I can tell, most of us in this generation are keeping up the tradition very well.

Supposedly there is a big football game this weekend?  I don’t even know who’s playing . . I just can’t wait for the Ferris Beuller commercial.  And I’m not going to spoil it by watching it online first.  As a family, we decided that while the game is playing on t.v., we’re going to play a board game.  Something like Apples to Apples or Take Off.  Take Off can take for-ever, especially if one or more players get stuck in central Europe.  Not fun.  So having an afternoon to play is perfect.

Another huge aspect of this weekend is food.  We’re going over to my dad’s and here’s what I’m feeding everyone.

Blanton Girls Can Cook Super Bowl Menu

Pioneer Woman’s Mac ‘n Cheese

Photo courtesy of The Pioneer Woman

There just aren’t words for this.  Make it and you’ll see.  But whatever you do, don’t forget to brown your butter and garlic salt!

Southern Comfort Crock Pot Meatballs

Photo Courtesy of

The original recipe I linked to above calls for bourbon.  I use Southern Comfort instead because we had some on hand that Tyler had gotten as a gift.  So. good.  You can also chop up red peppers and put them in for a little something extra.

Hot Bacon Cheese Dip

Photo courtesy of Buns in My Oven

Karly came up with this recipe and all I can say is Karly.  Karly, Karly, Karly.  I think if we knew each other in real life, we’d be bff’s.  I pinned this on Pinterest and it’s been repinned almost 5,000 times.  It really is that good.  I’ll be making it with homemade bread courtesy of this recipe that has changed my life.

Wildtree Onion Dip

(Photo courtesy of Wildtree Cooking with Jenn Warr)

Have you heard of Wildtree products?  If you haven’t, you should.  Their product line is amazing because Wildtree offers the highest quality herbs, spices and culinary blends that are free of preservatives, additives, fillers and promote a healthier lifestyle.  (Yeah, I copied that off their website.)  I have a very difficult time processing and digesting preservatives.  Wildtree makes my life so much easier.  If you think you like the Lipton Onion Dip, try Wildtree out instead.  Yumm!!!  Also, if you’d like to order and need a consultant, my friend Jennifer would be happy to help you out.

Pickle Dip

Do you see a recurring dip theme here?  We love our dips and this one does not disappoint.  Again, Karly knocks it OUT of the park.  Four simple ingredients . . . cream cheese, chopped dill pickle, Worcestershire sauce (you should have seen that before I spell checked it) and dill leaves for garnish.  I think I need to start a Karly fan club.

Also included:

Kettle Chips

Mountain Dew Voltage (I was told this tastes like liquid candy.  And that’s a good thing?)


Cool Ranch Doritos (I was given very specific instructions about these.)

. . . . and I think that’s it.

Enjoy the commercials!!!