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Super Simple Recipe Binder Update

on July 20, 2012

A couple of months ago I posted how I made a binder for all my recipes.  It’s been over two months since I started using it and it is a roaring success!!

Like I posted before, I have used just about every menu planning service there is.  E-mealz, 5 Dinners in One Hour, Saving Dinner, etc.  I even did Dream Dinners for a couple of years.  They all had their pros and cons, but overall were good.  The difference with my binder is that every recipe in there is kid approved.  The kids have a few food items they refuse to eat (shrimp comes to mind, as do beans and spinach).  Some of the meal plans had recipes that I just didn’t know if the kids would like.  They know they have to eat what I make, but it drives me nuts to cook dinner and then they sit there and choke it down.

That’s the number one reason I love my binder.  It might sound like I have picky, spoiled kids.  I don’t.  But I’d rather just cook something they like rather than having a tension filled dinner time.  I will have years to cook a virtual culinary trip around the world when they’re gone.

Pulling the recipes out before my grocery shopping trip is so simple.  Then I write out what I’m going to make during the week.  It’s really a really sophisticated and complicated weekly menu list.  Here it is:

I’m thinking of selling this “does this paper have the plague?” dinner recording system as shown above so please don’t use it without my written consent.  Nevermind, if I just say it’s copyrighted then it is, right?  I don’t have to go through any legal process, I’m just sure of it.

All joking aside, this whole way of planning dinner has made my evenings go so much better.  It was worth the effort!




4 responses to “Super Simple Recipe Binder Update

  1. Susan Gray says:

    Lol, I don’t think I have told you lately how wonderful you are – well you are!

  2. Carrie says:

    I can see a menu items I would want to try…for example, cp mong. beef. Anything using the cp must be good.

  3. […] **Update on how the binder has worked for me can be seen here.** […]

  4. What font is the cover done in?

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