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I’ve given up

on July 23, 2012

I had a dream.  A dream of running in a 5K.  As of yesterday I have officially given up.  Why?  My right knee.  I have issues with it from a couple of previous injuries (at least I think) and running/jogging is just too painful.  The pain doesn’t sideline me but it is not fun.  And if it’s bad enough, it makes it hard for me to sleep.  If only my right knee could be as wonderful as my left knee.  But I’ll stop comparing them because that’s supposed to be bad for their relationship.

I did a month of physical therapy and it helped somewhat.  But now I have a strange pain on the other side of my knee and it’s discouraging.  However, my Disney Princess/Medieval Torturer therapist suggested bicycle riding.  She wanted me to stay off the treadmill for a while and bike instead.  We got a membership at a community center and I started riding a stationary bike.  I loved it.  LOVED IT!!  I thought maybe this bike thing could catch on with me.

My week to test this theory was a couple of weeks ago when my husband and I went to Sunriver.  Alone.  Without kids.  For six days.  It was the best vacation of my life!  Anyway, we rode bikes all over and the difference in my knee was amazing.  No pain!!  So as we sat by the pool on our iPad’s we looked for bikes to buy me when we got home.

We found one on Craigslist and once it got back from the bike shop for tune up I rode it for 10 miles yesterday.  And got a sunburn, but we won’t talk about that.  Here she is in all of her “oh by the way lady, the front fender is on backwards” glory:

After the ride yesterday, my knee didn’t hurt!  And it didn’t hurt the rest of the night until I walked all over downtown Vancouver with flip-flops on. But we won’t talk about that, either.

So I’ve given up my 5K dream and replaced it with a love for biking.  Not a bad trade-off!!


One response to “I’ve given up

  1. Carrie says:

    Instead of a 5K, take your love of biking and turn it into the craziest 2 days of your life and do the Seattle to Portland bike ride. It is exhausting but fun. Granted, I did it 20 years ago, but I am sure it is still fun and an experience. Not to mention, all the training and riding that goes into it the months before.

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