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Linky Love

on July 25, 2012

Today I’m going to post some links to things I love around the interwebs.

1. Pinstrosity  I just found this website today.  I have had a few Pinstrosities but I’ve always been too demoralized to take any pictures of the results.  Thankfully, some people aren’t.

2. Bar Harbor Tea Company  My neighbor brought me back two of their teas from a cruise she went on, Wild Maine Blueberry and New England Maple.    I’ve made them both as iced tea . . . they’re both fantastic.  But the maple is indescribably good.  Oh my.

3. One Thousand Gifts  I read the book (same name) by Ann Voskamp and it changed my life.  Literally changed my life.  I used to feel silly for getting so excited and happy over the small things in life.  For example, I have an African violet that had gotten too big for the pot it was in and appeared to be two plants.  As I was removing the “two” plants for transplant, it was actually “one” plant and was attached!  I realized this just as I heard the snap of the root breaking in half.  ARGH!  I went ahead and planted them and only expected one to live.  They both lived but only the main one continued to flower.  I looked a couple of days ago and there are buds on the one I thought for sure was going to die.  I got so excited I sprinted to tell my hubby.  He gets that I’m like that and doesn’t make fun of me (on most days).

4. Sharp~End Dog Pencil Sharpener  Now from the sublime to the ridiculous.  The description says the dog barks as you twist the pencil.  I would, too!

5. Bakerella’s Red Velvet Cookies  I’m on a gigantic diet so I should make these, no?

6. I Keep Crashing from  A disclaimer . . . Regretsy is not a family friendly website.  I get her posts in my RSS feeder and she always tags the inappropriate ones with NSFW (not safe for work) so I don’t read those.  I go to the individual posts and don’t roam around on her website. That said, this woman is a comic genius who finds the most horrendous things Etsy has to offer.  My two favorite categories of her’s are, “Things That Are Not Steampunk” and “Healing Through TragiCrafting.”  TragiCrafting is making crafts in the wake of some tragedy so the seller can make a quick buck.   I’m sure there will be a stream of products for the Batman movie massacre.  It is shameful and April (Regretsy’s author) makes sure we all know who these lame-0 sellers are.

These are just the links I love this week!!!


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