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Now I get it

on July 29, 2012


I get why, a.) the government sticks its nose where I think it shouldn’t and, b.) why people snap.

Yesterday the family and I went to a Mariners game in Seattle.  It was a lot of fun and the M’s won!!  And even though I thought the players looked like children and not the millionaires many of them are, I tried not to act like an old woman.  Then I went in search of food.

All I wanted was a green salad.  The directory lied.  It said salads were available at “various locations” on our level.  Wrong!  After determining there were no healthy options on my level, I headed down the stairs.  To make a very long story short in which I almost lost my mind, the only place to get a salad in Safeco Field is on the suite level.  I did not have suite level tickets therefore no entrance for me.  I ended up with a veggie burger that I’m sure had so much salt in it that my blood pressure went up 30 points.  Seriously, Safeco Field, McDonald’s (which is 500 times grosser than you) has salad options.

Now I kind of understand why the government wants to tell us our business.  I get why Michelle Obama wants king sized candy bars off the shelves.  I. get. it.  I was just one of the masses who couldn’t get their hands on something healthy if my life depended on it.  Plus all that walking around aggravated my bad knee (cue old, broken down woman music now).

Do I think there should be a law to make places like Safeco Field provide healthy food?  No.  One would think that intelligent people could make that mental jump on their own.

I get it now.  I don’t agree with the government trying to regulate all aspects of life and business.  But I know why they try.


One response to “Now I get it

  1. Carrie says:

    Salad? At a baseball game? Even a Veggie Burger is so not baseball food. What about a good old beef hot dog and some cheesy nachos made with nuclear cheese, or roasted peanuts? Sheesh, you all from Vancouver are awfully demanding.

    Now, know that I am just kidding. I probably wouldn’t look for a salad, but I doubt I would be at a Mariner’s game. For me, a baseball game is an excuse to eat junk food. Maybe that’s my problem, I eat junk food, sometimes too much. Working on cutting down on that though. 🙂

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