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YFMWNOEWL – The acronym taking the world by storm!!

on July 31, 2012

Or not.

You Found Me When No One Else Was Looking is my irregular installment of search terms people use to find my blog.  Some are funny and some are disturbing.  So without further adieu . . . . .

are beagles loyal

I get a bazillion beagle queries.  It really makes me reconsider my priorities in what I blog about.  Anyway, the answer to your question is, yes, beagles are unbelievably loyal.  Until they smell something that smells better than you, that is.  Which is just about everything.

i cant believe thier real mascara

So much about this makes me cry . . . the grammar for starters.  And it’s “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.”  The mascara is “They’re Real!”  And seriously, go buy some.  It rocks.

why is my beagle an idiot

DNA.  I have searched the depths of my soul for this answer as well and it’s all I can come up with.

where is vancouver wa

Just one of the many reasons we Vancouverites tend to have a chip on our shoulder.  Even worse, I’m about 99% sure this came from someone who lives in the state of Washington.

hump on the back of my neck

I would suggest going to a doctor and not looking at (and surely mocking) my Glamour Shots.  {And no, I’m not posting a link to the original GS post.  There has been way too much interwebs damage done to my psyche at this point to make it easy for you to find the pictures and post them who knows where.} [Of course, if it bothered me that much I should just take the post down.] {I think I’m missing the shame gene.}

cabelas 2 person cot tent

If I had one of those, someone would be dead.  I glamp, I do NOT camp!!!  And two-person tents definitely fall into the camping arena.

my beagle puppy is driving me crazy

It gets better.  Just keep saying that to yourself.  Someone has to believe it.

how to have an immaculate house

Step 1: Don’t read my blog.

cheri fantasy fest video

Yes, I realize my name is also the name of a p*rn magazine.  I bet this Googler was sorely, sorely disappointed.

how to scare your mom for kids

Really?  Kids need help with this?  Mine never did and still don’t.

a dill pickle theme

For what?  A baby shower?  A birthday party?

purple eyes in real life

Uh, no.

c-7 neck hump

hump on back of neck pictures

Now my feelings are  getting hurt.

blue tarp dog shade

Apparently even our dogs can be white trash.

can you cook meatballs in the oven


does litehouse toasted sesame ginger dressing go bad if it is passed its date but has not been opened

Yes!  Really I have no idea, but wanted to keep things positive.

how old is jon bon jovi

Perfecty-seven.  Like I always say, Mama had Elvis and I’ve got Jon!!!

how many weight watcher points in princess marshmallows

If you put “princess” in front of anything it equals zero.

mr cruzzo


mistake try


ice box cak

Reminds me of Franck from the “Father of the Bride” movies

Franck Eggelhoffer


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