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Question of the day (er,night)

I was out enjoying the wonderfully amazing summer day by walking my beagle today.  We were in a neighborhood and she was walking on people’s grass.  Just sniffing, going up into the yard and coming back down.  I didn’t allow her to get into any place other than grass.  No slogging through flower beds, no frolicking in freshly laid bark dust.  Literally, she was walking up towards the houses, then would turn around and come back to the sidewalk.  If she looks like for one second she needs to relieve herself, I take the appropriate action to get her out of someone’s yard.  None of that was going on, either.

As she’s walking in one yard (on her Flexi-leash), a car pulls out of another driveway a couple of houses down.  The gentleman man dude guy male representation of the species driving the car yells out his window, “NICE!  Why don’t you put him in your own grass?!?!”

I was kind of shocked.  I’m pretty mellow about people letting their dogs sniff around my front yard – as long as there’s no funny business – and I thought this was normal/acceptable behavior.

This is my question, is it wrong of me to let my perfectly well-behaved beagle briefly walk in someone else’s front yard?

Shout out your answer and let me know.



I choose you

Twenty years ago I said “I do” to the love of my life. We were young, beyond imperfect, and hopelessly in love.

A few years later, we added some kids and a stinky pug into the mix.

Fast forward even a few more years and our kiddos are on the verge of breaking out on their own.

Before you know it, we’ll be back to this:

And through all the bumps and bruises, pain and growth, joy and tears…..I still choose you, Tyler.


Crying on the beach

I’m with  my family in lovely southern California.  Ahhhhh, the heat . . . the ocean. . . the theme parks . . . . the drivers.  Maybe not so much on that last one, but we have managed to survive driving on the highways down here.

Yesterday we spent the day at Seal Beach.  We even got to see a seal playing in the water.  I wasn’t fast enough with my camera or else I’d have an awesome picture to share.  Which I don’t.  Here are a few shots of the beach and pier.


Obligatory cop shot

Lots of fishing.  One gentleman caught a fish in spectacular fashion.  I was too slow on the camera draw again.

The Seal Beach Pier.  *sigh*  I get all swoony over this.

Anyway, this is why I was crying on the beach:

Just a little unassuming piece of sea glass.  I love sea glass but had never found any.  Not that I really ever looked, but that’s beside the point.  As Tyler and the kids were playing in the water, I took a long walk down the beach.  I prayed and asked God if I could find  a piece of sea glass.  Not to prove to me He’s there, not so He could show me a sign.  I just wanted a little grace and I asked for it.

About 10 minutes later I found this.  I was so happy I nearly jumped and skipped all over the place.  However, there were a LOT of people on the beach and I didn’t want to take out a little kid with my merriment.

God is so good.  So sweet.  So full of grace.  I had my own private worship service with Him on the beach yesterday.  I will never forget Him or how He heard me.



Yeah.  I’ve been absent around the bloggy world.  We’re getting ready to go on vacation.  If I was super organized, I’d have a bunch of posts ready to auto-post while I’m gone.

I don’t.

Between getting ready, laundry, getting things set up for the housesitter, changing the chihuahua’s food because she’s obviously not going to die anytime soon having issues yet again, pretending to pack but really looking at Pinterest, going to the chiropractor, taking a nap on my birthday, pretending to get ready but really Facebook stalking, forgetting to water the tomatoes, and, well, other stuff, the blog has fallen to the bottom of the pile.

Here are some highlights of the last week:

I saw an EPT pregnancy test for sale at Goodwill.  Word.

I lost my keys at Costco.  I was dreading the phone call to Tyler with all the sobbing and wailing.  But I just would have told him to calm down and come pick me up.

My son came home on Thursday and he’s been gone too much.  I’ve been staring at him a lot.

Someone at church sitting next to me took of their flip flops on the day it was 102.  Not cool.  NOT. COOL.

Renting a keyboard and setting the daughter up for piano lessons once we get back from California.

Having a stroke because my bay-bee is going to be starting high school this fall.

Getting the kids heart screenings.  They’re as healthy as horses.  God is good.  And even if they weren’t healthy?  God is still good.

Ryan Lochte is so arrogant.  Am I right or am I right?

I will leave you with  pictures that have made my husband laugh very hard with this week:





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Linky Love – Money saving edition

Oh I loves to save money.  Loves, loves, loves!!!  Here are a few of the websites I frequent when shopping online.

1. Fat Wallet – This is kind of like rebates.  The rebates range from 1% to 8% and more.  Sometimes the website has links to sales you wouldn’t otherwise know about.

2. Retail Me Not – This is mostly a coupon code site.  Also it will link you to sales.

**We’re going to southern California in August.  Between these two sites and, I saved over $100 on our hotel stay.  That’s one meal in Disneyland!!!**

3. – I have gotten amazing shoe deals here.  For instance, they have some sandals on there right now that I am having a very, very hard time resisting.

4. The Clog Outlet – If you love Sanita clogs, Fit-Flops, Birki’s and other clog-typer shoes, this is the place for you.  And as usual I’m holding myself back from going hog wild on this site, too.  Even though I know these little babies want to come home to me.

5. – As a homeschool mom, I have saved tons of money using this site for books.  A huge part of our homeschool has been learning through literature.  Literature = books. has been a blessing.

6. – Also known as  Who doesn’t love their $2 shipping for all orders?  Right now, they’re having $1 shipping!  Around Christmas time they seem to really stock the place to the ceilings. I think everyone got something from Overstock last year.

7. Ebay – Don’t forget about the old standby.  I just love Ebay!!  You never know what you’re going to find.


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