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Crying on the beach

on August 12, 2012

I’m with  my family in lovely southern California.  Ahhhhh, the heat . . . the ocean. . . the theme parks . . . . the drivers.  Maybe not so much on that last one, but we have managed to survive driving on the highways down here.

Yesterday we spent the day at Seal Beach.  We even got to see a seal playing in the water.  I wasn’t fast enough with my camera or else I’d have an awesome picture to share.  Which I don’t.  Here are a few shots of the beach and pier.


Obligatory cop shot

Lots of fishing.  One gentleman caught a fish in spectacular fashion.  I was too slow on the camera draw again.

The Seal Beach Pier.  *sigh*  I get all swoony over this.

Anyway, this is why I was crying on the beach:

Just a little unassuming piece of sea glass.  I love sea glass but had never found any.  Not that I really ever looked, but that’s beside the point.  As Tyler and the kids were playing in the water, I took a long walk down the beach.  I prayed and asked God if I could find  a piece of sea glass.  Not to prove to me He’s there, not so He could show me a sign.  I just wanted a little grace and I asked for it.

About 10 minutes later I found this.  I was so happy I nearly jumped and skipped all over the place.  However, there were a LOT of people on the beach and I didn’t want to take out a little kid with my merriment.

God is so good.  So sweet.  So full of grace.  I had my own private worship service with Him on the beach yesterday.  I will never forget Him or how He heard me.


3 responses to “Crying on the beach

  1. Caroline says:

    Cheri, that is a great post. So thrilled that you were given a piece of Sea Glass. God is so good and your are so precious!

  2. rachesak says:

    I love this story!

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