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Question of the day (er,night)

on August 25, 2012

I was out enjoying the wonderfully amazing summer day by walking my beagle today.  We were in a neighborhood and she was walking on people’s grass.  Just sniffing, going up into the yard and coming back down.  I didn’t allow her to get into any place other than grass.  No slogging through flower beds, no frolicking in freshly laid bark dust.  Literally, she was walking up towards the houses, then would turn around and come back to the sidewalk.  If she looks like for one second she needs to relieve herself, I take the appropriate action to get her out of someone’s yard.  None of that was going on, either.

As she’s walking in one yard (on her Flexi-leash), a car pulls out of another driveway a couple of houses down.  The gentleman man dude guy male representation of the species driving the car yells out his window, “NICE!  Why don’t you put him in your own grass?!?!”

I was kind of shocked.  I’m pretty mellow about people letting their dogs sniff around my front yard – as long as there’s no funny business – and I thought this was normal/acceptable behavior.

This is my question, is it wrong of me to let my perfectly well-behaved beagle briefly walk in someone else’s front yard?

Shout out your answer and let me know.



5 responses to “Question of the day (er,night)

  1. Polarbelle says:

    He’s an idiot. I hope he reads this. Sniffing doesn’t equal tinkling or worse. But even if she did, who cares if a dog piddles in your yard? I don’t care if they poop in my yard as long as the owner picks it up, but I could care less if they piddle. Saves me having to water, lol.

  2. Carrie says:

    I think as long as if said Beagle or any other canine is exploring and smelling their world no problem. Even if canine felt the need to relieve themselves in a yard, like Polarbelle said, no biggie as long as owner cleans up after the cute little bugger. 🙂

  3. Malia says:

    Of course it is!! Some people just HAVE to vent to someone because they’re so miserable!

  4. Lori Boyd says:

    Ha ha ha – you used the words “perfectly well behaved” and “beagle” in the same sentence! Seriously though, I wouldn’t care if someone let their dog walk on my lawn. I wouldn’t even care if it did it’s business as long as the owner picked up after it.

  5. Marla3206 says:

    I think it is wrong. I don’t like pets of any kind. It would not be acceptable for any adult to be “sniffing” around someone else’s yard so why is acceptable for someone’s pet.

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