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30 Days of Thanks

As I sit here with the remains of a bowl of Halloween candy (and silently praying more kids show up to get this candy out of my house) I realize that the month  of thanks is upon us again.  I love November and Thanksgiving.  Like my pastor says, “Thanksgiving is the one holiday our culture hasn’t managed to mess up.”

I tried to post every day in November last year and didn’t quite make it.  I really want to focus on giving thanks this year so I’m changing it up a bit.  I’m going to post a picture and a short blurb every day on Instagram.  So much quicker and easier.  And if it’s quick and easy, I’ll more than likely keep up with it.

You can follow me there . . . I’m Kelikana.  What does Kelikana mean?  It’s my first and middle name in Hawaiian.  You can find out your Hawaiian name here.  Totally random info.  You’re welcome.

I’m going to be focusing on little things I’m thankful for.  Things I usually overlook and take for granted.  I’m going to make myself notice (what I think are but probably aren’t) inconsequential things and look for God in them.

Or I might look at things I’m not particularly thankful for and try to find God’s grace in them.  Take right now for instance.  My chihuahua with chronic halitosis is jumping around at my feet and won’t be satisfied until she’s sitting in my lap.  So I put her up on my legs, cold paws flowing through my pajamas . . . shaking her chihuahua shake.  If I truly believe God has a purpose for everything, what’s hers in my life?  Seriously.  Why do I put up with this stinking (literally) dog?  And why have I for over 9 years?  I guess it boils down to this:  I wanted to raise my kids with pets.  I had pets growing up and I think it’s very beneficial for kids who can grow up pets to do so.  For 9+ years (trying not to overthink that one) we have been able to afford this little 6 1/2 pound ball of shaking fur.  God has provided financially so one of my dreams can come true.  I’m so thankful for His grace.

Even His grace in the form of a rat-dog who is barking so loudly at the trick-or-treaters that I want to scream.