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Just one of those things

on November 24, 2012

I absolutely have to blog about this!  Today was an amazing day for this soccer mom . . . . and not because it wasn’t raining at Austin’s game.  That is a miracle by itself but not the best part of today.

My son plays on a recreational team.  They have done very, very well this season despite four of their best players leaving to play on a premier team.  The remaining boys have played together for years and have really become a functioning team.  The new players have all been outstanding and they work well with what had already been established.

The regular season is over and quarterfinals begin next weekend.  Austin’s coach contacted the coach of the premier team we lost some players to and set up a scrimmage for today.  I kind of cringed when I heard about it . . . . .I mean, really?  Rec against premier?  Did he want to demoralize our boys the week before the state tournament?  Oh well, he’s the coach, not me.  I guess there are life lessons to be learned in the face of humiliating defeat.

It was fun to see the boys I knew on the other team and nice to see their parents.  And I’ll save the suspense for another blog because I’m terrible at keeping secrets – it was awesome to see our boys beat them 7-4.  (Maybe 8-5, but I lost count at some point).  The other team’s parents couldn’t believe our boys are “only rec”.  Our boys outplayed the premier team on every level.  And the premier team was mad.  

It was so much fun to watch all their hard work pay off.  And while this didn’t count as a win in league stats, it didn’t matter.  The boys learned a valuable lesson – you don’t have to be on the best team to be great!



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