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Angel Gowns

on July 11, 2014

Three or four months ago one of my friends posted a link on Facebook. It was a Huffington Post article about an organization in Texas that makes “angel gowns” for babies who never get to go home from the hospital.  Their mission is to never have any grieving parent look through the lost and found tub at the hospital looking for burial clothes for their child.  Or to have to go shopping during this horrible time.  To make the gowns, women donate their wedding dresses and the volunteer seamstresses use those for the angel gowns.  The gowns are donated to hospitals through the NICU Helping Hands organization.

angel gown

I read the article shortly after I finished Austin’s t-shirt quilt.  While I was making his quilt all I could think was, “I have got to figure out a way to sew more.”  But seriously, how many quilts does my family need?   And quilting can be an extremely expensive hobby.  None of them would be caught dead wearing anything I made for them.   As soon as I read the article, I knew I had to find out if I could sew for them.

Helping Hands is located in Texas.  But they ship gowns all over the US and Canada for the volunteers!  I signed up and was accepted.  As you can imagine, the HuffPo article caused donations, volunteers, media inquiries, etc to explode.  Due to the overload, I’m still waiting for my first wedding dress (which I have been told will ship out in the middle of July).  However, if anyone wants to donate to me directly, I can accept those as well.  I guarantee I will use every spare inch of the dress for angel gowns.

I have been tremendously blessed with two children who were healthy from day 1.  I’m sewing as a way of giving back thanks for that.  I also want to help parents in the worst situation any way I can.  Being able to mix my love of sewing with my love of people is giving ME the blessing.  I can’t wait to get started!!


One response to “Angel Gowns

  1. Rondi says:

    Love it Cheri! Do they give you the pattern to use?

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