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Do It Yourself #1

We Are THAT Family has a “Do It Yourself Project” carnival. So here’s my biggest DIYP of recent history. For those of you who only read this blog (my original one is on Multiply) you didn’t have to live through the gut-wrenching, gosh-awful, nightmare epic event of my summer. . . . . . . my kids trading rooms resulting in me having to paint them. And decorate them. And buy new bedroom furniture. Okay, HAD is a little strong of a word. But I really didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. Oh, sista, it was a big deal. So much so that I’ve vowed never to paint again. I know I’ll cave, but my resolve is strong at the moment.

Here’s what I did in Amber’s room:

I made all of the pillows. Not as hard as it looks, but my scissors were really dull and I nearly got carpal tunnel from all the cutting. But it did prompt me to finally get my Gingher scissors professionally sharpened. When I brought my newly sharpened scissors home I threatened the kids with their lives politely informed the kids that they were not to use these scissors ever again.

Then there was the flip-flop pillow. Amber was obsessed with this pillow and I, to this very moment, cannot believe I attempted it. I did, and it really wasn’t that bad.

See, it’s a real flip-flop!! Only huge.

I overestimated the fabric I needed for the pillows so I had a ton left over. “Why not whip up a window valance?” I asked myself. I answered, “Go for it!” So I made this valance with no pattern. Trying to figure out how much fabric I needed for the back/lining was a chore, but I got ‘er done.

Yes, her entire room really is that insane shade of pink. I gave in and let the kids have whatever they wanted . . . . sorta. I had to talk Austin down from “Traffic Cone Orange.” I did have an ultimate plan. The kids changed rooms a year ahead of schedule . . . .I just painted their rooms two years ago. I told them they could have any color they wanted, but they better like it because their rooms are never being painted again until after they move out and I get to pick the color. Here’s the overall result of Amber’s room:

I didn’t have to make any pillows for Austin, I just had to paint his ginormous room. With three coats of paint. Don’t get me started. I still break out in hives just thinking about it.

It really wasn’t a weekend project. In fact, what I thought would be a 2 -3 days of leisurely painting ended up being five solid days of painting, somewhat similar to working on a plantation I’m sure. Ty and the kids were gone fishing while I was doing most of it. Which was good. Once I started talking to myself I knew I was losing it and I was glad they weren’t around to see all of THAT.

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