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My Mistreatment #1

No, this isn’t a blog about my almost 13-year-old’s terrible mood this morning and how he nearly had me in tears twice today . . . this is MUCH more fun. This is my entry for a little weekly get together over at The Nesting Place. A mistreatment is something you’ve done that requires little money, time, effort, and no sewing. The no sewing part had me a little sad – mama does like to sew – but I remembered what I’ve got goin‘ on in the living room. And you can see my latest sewing project in the blog below this one.

Taaaa daaaa!

I found these panels at Penny’s four years ago. They’re silk shantung, LINED and were in the clearance bin. I paid $12.97 each. Yes – that was the real price. I remember showing them to Tyler in the store and saying, “Uh, laa, uw, weh, uh . . . . . ” Ya know, general stuttering in amazement. I do love Penny’s – they’ve always got a sale going on.

The hardware was already here courtesy of the previous owners. In the corners on either side of the big window there were what can only be described as coat hooks – but they worked. And I think I added an enormous nail or two to keep the whole thing up.

I’m excited to get around to everyone’s blogs and get some ideas. I definitely have more than one window that can use a good mistreatment!

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