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Our trip to the Oregon Coast

So here’s a rundown of our big trip to the Oregon coast in July. We try to camp on the coast once a summer for five days. We didn’t quite make the entire five days . . . . . . read on to see what befell us!

Monday – arrived in Nehalem Bay State Park, Oregon about 5:00 p.m. and then set up camp.

Amber was cleaning her tent before we set up the beds. If only cleaning at home came with the same smile.
This is our tent – the two on the sides are attached with a zippered tunnel. The kids love having their own “wing.”

Afterwards we made the horrible trek over the monstrous sand dune to get to the actual ocean.
The dunes are much larger in real life. And steeper. And higher. And sandier. And wider.

It was breathtaking.

Tuesday – It started raining nice and early in the a.m. so we headed for the kids favorite coastal town, Seaside, OR.

Here they are in their favorite Seaside restaurant, Pig ‘N Pancake. Austin got a funky colored Rubik’s cube. He can solve one in less than two minutes. He got those brains from his dad.

After lunch we walked near the beach. It was really windy and cold. But we got to see the monument commemorating Lewis & Clark seeing the Pacific for the first time. Which we’ve seen 100 times. No one gets excited but me.

We got back to our campsite and it was still raining and raining and raining. I ended up getting so cold that I nearly had a nervous breakdown. I do NOT do cold well. Give me 95 degrees any day. And trying to keep the tents from getting water in them was a real treat.

Then came bedtime. I had on long johns, pajamas, socks and was sleeping on an air mattress, with a thick mattress pad, top and bottom flannel sheets, a down comforter w/ a flannel comforter cover WITH a quilt on top of that. I still managed to freeze all night long. So. Much. Fun.

Wednesday – The sun decided to grace us with it’s presence. We spent all day at the beach and Tyler and I got fried. You’d think we would have put on some sunscreen, but when it’s really not that hot out you don’t think of getting burned. Well, I learnt me a lesson!

A man and his attack dog.

Austin spent forever building this trench.

My foot obeying the “do not go over this line, MOM” rule. He was afraid olbigfoot here would just tromp around like an oaf and ruin his trench.

My beach babes.

As evening set in the kids decided they wanted to watch the sunset over the Pacific. Sounds so romantic, doesn’t it? Well, Tyler bailed on us because he didn’t dress properly. And I barely did. I’ll allow this double-chin giving picture of myself to be seen just so you can feel sorry for me. I realize it doesn’t look cold, but it was!

My face is red from getting burned that day, not from overheating. Or maybe it was the windburn.

Yes, the sunset was beautiful. Let me not forget that part.

One of the few pictures where Austin looked at the camera voluntarily. Most of the pictures have his hand covering the camera lens.

Happy beach girl.

As the temperature stared to drop, so did my internal body temperature . I again started to lose it. I decided it was confession time with Tyler. I told him I finally realized after years and years and years of trying that I just don’t like camping. I have tried SO HARD over the years to enjoy it and I just don’t. I was bawling as I told him because I know he and the kids love it so much. We bought two weeks in a time share when we went to Cancun so maybe next year we can just exchange a week at the coast.

I don’t want to paint a completely horrible picture of our trip. Or maybe I do. But there were some really great moments.

Tyler showing off his mad Boggle skills.

Amber and Tyler after they ran up a sand dune. These dunes are not for sissies.

Deliriously happy girl. One deliriously nervous chihuahua.

Making a fire in front of the all important food tent.

She wasn’t “sick of all this coldness” yet. Read on to see what that means.

Thursday – This would be the day that decided it all. After another night of freezing my rear end off, I had had enough. And if that wasn’t bad enough, our air mattress decided to spring a leak overnight and I woke up on the ground. The ground, people. So in my true camper-warrior spirit, I cried and told Tyler I had to go home. (We weren’t due to leave until Friday.) He said he didn’t realize it was going to get so cold at night and even he was having trouble at night. So we decided to head home. Amber woke up and informed me she was “sick of all this coldness.”

Then IT happened. I was shaking from head to toe, hovered over my breakfast and I saw Tyler sprint for the water faucet. I thought he had burned his finger. I thought he was trying too hard to build a fire and had gotten too close. In fact, just moments before I was going to tell him as much, but I bit my tongue. I was sure he had gotten burned. Nope, he managed to whack his left thumb with an axe. Yes my friends, a real, live axe. Thankfully he was just trying to cut up some kindling and wasn’t in full chopping mode. We decided he needed to go to the emergency room.

So in about .4 minutes, Austin had cleaned stuff up, put out the fire and we had all hopped in the van. 25 miles and 2+ hours later Tyler was the proud new owner of 6 stitches. Since the cut was jagged and over his knuckle, human super glue just wouldn’t do the trick. So after we got back to camp, 3 hours later we were headed for home . . . . .glorious home. But we were all very thankful that Tyler wasn’t hurt worse than he was. And he hasn’t had a lot of pain from the stitches or the cut.

Those are the highlights, or lowlights as it were. But I don’t want to forget the highlights . . . The day we spent at the beach was amazing. Absolutely perfect weather. We must’ve played 500 games of Boggle. Amber was in her element in the great out of doors, until “all this coldness” drove her over the edge. In between the not so great stuff, we were all exceedingly happy and really had a great time together. Belle was sooooooooo good. For the first time ever, we could let her go off leash at our campsite and she never once went running after unsuspecting people, dogs or figments of her imagination.

We were supposed to spend Thursday at Cannon Beach and Austin was just a little more than perturbed that we headed home. In fact I think he actually said, “This is why you don’t take girls camping.” Hmmm . . . . . a boy managed to nearly cut his thumb off, but I guess that doesn’t count. Austin still thinks his dad is awfully cool. And as for me and Amber?? Well, let’s just say we didn’t endear him to the opposite sex on this trip.

But we haven’t given up completely on the family vacation. We have another one planned in the not too distant future!!

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