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The Real Big Change :-)

Some part of me is still having chills run down her back at the thought of more beagles and then puppies.  Whew.  That joke hit a little too close to home.

Actually, there is some big change news that isn’t an April Fool’s joke.  And it’s something I have been praying about for months.  At this point, I seem to be getting my way with God – LOL.  It has everything to do with this guy:

As everyone in the free world knows, Austin has been planning to attend our local high school next year when he’ll be in the 9th grade.  After filling out alllllllllllllllllll the paperwork {talk about a hand cramp!} we were headed over to the high school to drop it off with the registrar.  About halfway there I asked him if he was excited and he said, “I don’t know.  I’m not sure I want to go there.” 

I nearly ran off the road.

All I have heard about for the past two years is “Skyview this” and “Skyview that” and “how good it will be to get out of this house.”  {That last one really put me in a good mental place.} After I gathered my thoughts I asked him where this was coming from.  True to 14 year old form, he didn’t know.  I asked him if he had been praying about it like his father and I encouraged him to do.  He said, “Yes, and I still don’t know what to do.”  Ahhhhhhhh, real life up close and personal.

We talked and came to the following conclusion: he’ll do 9th & 10th grade at home and then for 11th & 12th do a program called Running Start.  Running Start is a Washington state program for high school juniors and seniors to do those two years by attending a local community college.  So when he’s done with “high school” he’ll have his first two years of college done.  All you need to do to get into RS is to take a test.  Many homeschooled kids around here take this path for high school.

I had it in my mind for so long that he’d be going to high school that I never thought once about a curriculum.  Or anything else for that matter.  Part of me was a little disappointed that he won’t be going to Skyview.  It has so many opportunities there that I just can’t give him at home.  I was very blunt about that and explained it all to him.  The two areas I was most concerned about was advanced art and advanced computer.  He said he didn’t care about the art and all of the advanced computer stuff can be bought or done when he goes to Running Start.  Pretty smart guy.

Now that all the curriculums are coming out with their spring catalogs, I’m all over them.  I have a pretty good idea of what I’m going to do.  And I am so happy.  Either direction he went, there are pros and cons.  My heart wanted him to stay home because the last two years of homeschool have been so amazing, verging on unbelievably wonderful.  Not that we don’t have our struggles and some days I’d like to slap the teenager right out of him.  But overall, it’s been great.  And I’m so blessed I get to be a part of it for at least a couple more years with him. 

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The BIG Change

I said I’d announce a big change in our household.  Well, without further adieu, here it is (and I can’t believe it, either) . . . . . . . . .

We have pre-purchased two beagle puppies from two different mothers/breed lines.  Someone on Facebook who guessed my surprise was that the beagle is pregnant was sort of right.  We have plenty of room and have decided to start breeding beagles.  As much as I complain about Gwen, she really is a great dog and we have all fallen in love with the breed.  We’re just keeping our fingers crossed that there’s at least ONE female in one litter and ONE male in the other.  One of the parents is completely red like Gwen and we’re hoping that there will be an all red puppy, too.

The idea started to percolate in my mind last summer.  I researched breeding extensively and visited local reputable and humane breeders.  They told me there is money to be made if you do it correctly.  Not tons of money, but if you own your own both the male and female it makes things much easier.  And you can “rent’ the male out to stud.  Since the male comes from an unbelievable line out of southwest Oregon, we’ll get a good stud fee for him . . . . . .eventually.

We even came up with a corny name for our kennel (sounds very strange to say that when there aren’t any pups here yet): Bee Gee Kennels of Southwest Washington.  Yes, it’s perfectly legal to use the Bee Gee name.  The only three dogs we’ve had have started with either a “B” or “G.”  We thought it fit great.

Here are a couple of pictures of the mommies.  The second mom is so cute I can’t stand it.  (Like yesterday, Blogger is still having problems uploading pictures.  It was tricky, but I made it work . . . scroll down)


(What kind of idiot do you people take me for?)


I can’t believe I’m doing this again!

Yep, I’m doing NaBloPoMo for the month of April.  I did it last year in June and it nearly killed me.  The challenge from NaBloPoMo is to post a blog every day for one month.  I need a kick start in blogging again and this just might be it.

The theme for April 2010 is BIG.  I have had some big changes in my life since last June.  Huge.  Horrible.  Good.  Gigantic. 

Last year I was too stressed out with my mom losing her battle with cancer and I’m surprised I was able to post at all.  But now, things are going great, I can actually talk about my mom’s death without crying and we’ve had a couple of big changes around here that are wonderful. 

I’ll announce the first big change on April 1!!  Stay tuned, if you dare.  Because at some point, the posts are going to get very, very boring and I’ll have to apologize.