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Tackle It Tuesday – Front Door **UPDATED**

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Okay, I’m going to tackle the window on my front door and the two windows next to it today. Here it is now:

Not bad, you might say. I agree. I inherited these from the previous owner. There is one major problem with them – you can see right through them. And so can those standing on your porch. I nearly had the mud scared out of me last night. I was making dinner and I saw someone waving to me on the porch. No doorbell, no knock, no nothin‘ but a wave. It vaguely looked like the lady who used to own the house. I thought maybe she wanted to say hi or see the house – she is very outgoing so this wouldn’t be out of the question. Nope – it was some woman that was obviously on an upper type of drug who wanted to schedule a time to come clean one of the carpets in my house for free. Yeah. Right. I declined. We live in what I wouldn’t call an exclusive neighborhood, but we do live in an established one and we get A LOT of solicitors and I finally had it last night. Tyler is going to the store today to get a “No Solicitors” sign. I don’t care if it makes us look like crotchety old people – lol.

I was so frustrated by the way people can see in the house. And then it came to me, thanks to Nester’s mistreatments – I just needed to get some fabric and mistreat my window!! Okay, I’ll probably do some sewing, so it won’t technically qualify as a mistreatment.

Hopefully this evening – however late it might be, I’ll have pictures of my updated and NON-SEE THROUGH windows.

Hey there!! I got it done and it was before midnight. Of course now it’s after midnight and here I sit posting – danged Olympics! It took longer than I thought because we ALL forgot Austin had a pool party to go to this afternoon and that set my shopping back about 1 1/2 hours. But all’s well that ends well . . . . . .

I think it makes it look warmer – and best of all – you can’t see through it! We also got the “No Soliciting” sign and hung that bad boy right over the doorbell. The first solicitor who inevitably will come is going to get a whole lot a shakingoin‘ on! Of course now what I have hanging on the wall no where near matches the new window thingys. Ahhhh . . . . something new for me to do next Tuesday!

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